About Us

Who We Are?

Happy Times is a full-fledged Event Management Company in Dubai, UAE. We have the ability to provide event management in totality. Our full service house brings a fresh and unique approach to the event management industry. We approach each project with keen attention, regardless of its size and scope. We treat your event like a business with clear objectives, defined milestones and a comprehensive plan to ensure that your event adheres to the planned time and budget, delivering loads of Joy and Happiness.

We are an experienced team of Event Management specialists who know how to plan, promote, organize and deliver an event that will achieve the goal. Our mission is to provide our clients with the most amazing event planning and decoration services. Happy Times Events promises to make each event memorable. We aim continuously to develop a long lasting relationship with our clients. In doing so, we strive to plan and implement the perfect event experience that clearly communicates our client’s vision and exceed their goals.

We value

  • Excellence in our own work and the work of others, especially those we partner with
  • Knowledge and understanding of the service we provide
  • An ability to build relationships based on doing the right thing
  • Acting quickly and decisively to get things done within the planned timelines
  • Enthusiasm in all we do

What We Can Do?

When it comes to finding the right entertainment and create a truly memorable experience, Happy Times Event Planners are here to enhance the theme of your event and add a unique touch. Happy Times Events Planners have endless and distinctive ideas to deliver top-notch entertainment, giving your guests an opportunity to remember your event for a long time. From selecting the perfect venue to an imaginative theme, we take care of every detail to make your event a stress free, seamlessly managed occasion for you and your guests to enjoy.

We’re flexible, fast, responsive and reliable. And we always bring a fresh perspective. No matter what stage of the planning you’re in, we’d welcome the opportunity to help you make your event the best it can be.

Our main goal is to make your Events special!

Social Events

  • Birthday Party
  • Wedding Planning
  • Engagement
  • Reception
  • Festival Events
  • Activities for the Community
  • Family Outings
  • Office Inauguration
  • Sports Events
  • House Warming

Corporate Events

  • Product/ Office Launch
  • Exhibitions
  • Annual Day
  • Family Day
  • Seminar/ Conferences
  • Annual Meetings
  • Team Building Activities
  • Awards Ceremonies
  • Theme Parties
  • Gala Dinner

Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

Perfect Venues

The Park

When the weather permits, the park is a wonderful place to organize a party. This outdoor space provides space accommodating plenty of guests. Simply invite friends to meet you at a park of your choice, pack a picnic lunch and entertain them with some traditional outdoor games and activities.

Indoor Pool

Pool parties are a popular summer party choice. Many locations with indoor swimming pools such as hotels, community centers and fitness centers will rent their pool area for parties.

Rental Halls

When you wish to organize a DIY, at-home style party, but your home won’t accommodate enough guests, consider the rental hall in places like the community center, city halls or local club buildings. However, you will need to provide your own food and decorations. Happy Times is here to help you with that!

The Mall

Yes, the mall. Here is a place where you can host your guests and create an adventurous celebration. The food court provides seating and a central meeting place. From there adult chaperons can escort small groups on an excursion such as a digital image scavenger hunt or an amazing race themed party. Schedule the party between meal times and when the games are done treat guests with special Happy Times products and services.


If your guest list is small, a restaurant may work well for your celebration. Think Pizzerias! You can invite your guests to meet at the pizza place and treat them to lunch or dinner for the same budget you would spend to have the pies delivered to a party at home. By having the party at the pizza place, you don’t have to worry about cleaning up the mess.

Unique Scenarios

Whether you are planning your own special occasion or wanting to organize a blowout bash for a loved one, we can help you build amazing memories to cherish for the years to come. Understated elegance or over the top celebrations, we are here to create the party of your dreams!

Our family-friendly Happy Times team can offer you a magical party and make your dreams come true. We pride ourselves in organizing unique theme based parties. Themes could include a favourite book, movie, etc.

We look forward to hosting your next party!

Family celebrations

Family celebrations, such as holidays, anniversary and birthday parties bring joyful family time for all. So often, this is the only time we get to see some family members. Let’s make these moments everlasting! Celebrate a time together to catch up and share talk of the present or reminiscent of the past.

Happy times is here to help you make make these moments unforgettable, celebrating it in the most beautiful environment.






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