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In today’s fast paced corporate world, companies often tend to forget their most valuable asset – employees. Employees are made to feel part of a family given they spend more time at work than home in most case. We feel Corporate Team Building Activities should be an essential exercise of most companies, small or big. Besides building team cohesion, such days are ideal to bettering overall organisational communication, promote creativity within, developing problem-solving skills and providing learning opportunities

We understand,

  • Team building exercises and excursions can increase overall employee performance, promote cooperation among team members and across teams, enhance employee job satisfaction and help to broaden the understanding of corporate goals and objectives.
  • At the same time, such activities run the risk of being boring and mundane, in which case they serve exactly the opposite purpose.
  • Based on our experience, we strongly opine that these event should serve as a reflection for the problems your employees face. Accordingly, these events are needed to focus on ensuring to they connect the challenges of the events to the struggles your employees confront daily.
  • As an example, if adapting to a new organizational structure is being seen as a challenge, the outing should include activities that involved small, specialized teams working together to achieve a common goal. This would build team spirit and cohesion.

We help you identify what messages you’d like to push through this outing. We help identify locations, facilitate the event and implement the feedback and measurement components afterward. Some of out services include,

  • Identify the venue specifically catering to team building exercises – We can offer you a choice of specifically designed venues to host such team building retreats. These maybe local or outstation.
  • Help you plan the day including exercises, activities, etc.
  • Plan the buffet for the day and other snacks, brunches, etc.
  • We help you do this keeping in mind a realistic budget.