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Exhibitions are your chance to show off. Whether you’re showcasing a product, a skill or a service, our Exhibition Event Management services are designed to provide you with the perfect platform to present your business at it’s best. These events are unique in that they offer a place to capture qualified clients or leads face-to-face.

Awards ceremonies are a celebration of talent, success and achievement. So it is important that the planning involved in the same reflects the upbeat and exciting spirit of the same and is well attended.

Happy Times is the best event organizer in Dubai and we’ve put together some of essentials you need to consider when organizing an awards ceremony or an exhibition. 2 crucial aspects include:

  • What’s the purpose of the event? The event needs to reflect the reason behind it being held. This could be a recurring event to showcase new products and services or a celebration of annual success within your industry and celebrating the personnel involved. Defining the purpose of the awards ceremony will fine-tune the content and tone needed throughout, and in turn, who should then attend it.
  • What’s your budget? Like any other event, it’s vitally important to plan your budget. We help you work with options to suit your budget after you’ve decided how much you can spend on the event. 

    Our conference and event management services include:

    • Feasibility assessment
    • Comprehensive project and risk management
    • Programme design and management
    • Venue and supplier contract negotiation
    • Ongoing management of all suppliers
    • Sponsorship and exhibitor sales and management
    • Registration, accommodation and tours
    • Catering, banqueting and social functions
    • AV, lighting, staging and production

No matter how big or complex your project, we’ll guide you through the entire process. Our highly experienced team will support and assist you every step of the way, ensuring the journey is smooth and the outcome is an event you can be proud of.