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A festival is celebrated as part of one’s community, religion or traditions promoting the bond of togetherness. Our Festival Event Management and Occasion Planners will help you realize these celebrations be it a

  • Religious festival
  • Arts festival
  • Food and drinks festival

We help you in this activity with,
Venue sourcing – We will help you source a venue which matches your standards and occasion brief.
Decoration and furniture – Besides the marquees, if needed, we provide your event with tables, chairs, etc.
Catering – We have numerous mobile catering partners who will provide the perfect catering solution for your event.
Safety – We undertake all of our service keeping in mind the safety of the participants. It is of utmost importance to us in ensuring the event is handled well and passes by as safe.

Be it an occasion with a large attendance or smaller, more bespoke gatherings we pride ourselves in ensuring a well managed event. We recognize how important these events are in promoting togetherness, stemming out of a common belief or interest. These occasions can be diverse, colorful and are often required to be accompanied by a setting which matches the theme. Let us be part of ensuring the success of the event while you indulge in the fun.

We undertake all of this keeping in mind your audience and budget. Our expertise in handling such events, backed by a team of professionals ensures you are in the right hands and involved at each step of the process. Our mission is to provide our clients with the most amazing event planning and decoration services. Happy Times Festival Event Management promises to make each event memorable. We aim continuously to develop a long lasting relationship with our clients. In doing so, we strive to plan and implement the perfect event experience that clearly communicates our client’s vision and exceed their goals