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The Park

When the weather permits, the park is a wonderful place to throw a birthday bash. This outdoor space provides plenty of room for plenty of guests. Simply invite friends to meet you at the park of your choice, pack a picnic lunch and entertain the kids with some traditional outdoor games and activities.

Indoor Pool

Pool parties are a popular summer party choice. Many locations with indoor swimming pools such as hotels, community centers, and fitness centers will rent their pool area for parties.

Rental Halls

When you want to throw a DIY, at-home style party, but your home won’t accommodate the guests, consider the rental hall in places like the community center, City Halls or local club buildings. However, you will need to provide your own food, paper goods and decorations. Happy Times is here to help you!

The Mall

Yes, the mall. Here is a place where you can host your guests for free and create an adventurous birthday celebration. The food court provides seating and a central meeting place. From there adult chaperons can escort small groups on an excursion such as a digital image scavenger hunt or amazing race themed party. Schedule the party between meal times and when the games are done, treat guests with HAPPY TIMES Products and Services.


If your guest list is small, a restaurant may work well for your celebration. If your guest list is small, a restaurant may work well for your celebration. Think pizzerias. You can invite kids to meet at the pizza place and treat them to lunch or dinner for the same budget you would spend to have the pies delivered to a party at home. By having the party at the pizza place, however, you don’t have to worry about cleaning up the mess. Bring a few table games to keep kids entertained and ask the proprietor ahead of time if you can bring the cake.