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We realize planning one’s own wedding may sometimes feel overwhelming and stressful, which is where we come in to stand by your side and take over your concerns. Our Wedding Planner experience ensures planning your wedding in a smooth manner, backed by our experienced team.

A wedding is one of the most important days in any couple’s lives. From the engagement party, photos, to selecting vendors, making checklists and choosing the theme of the party, there are loads of items that need to be planned in an orderly fashion to ensure a memorable lifetime experience.

Our network of vendors ensures your needs are taken care of when it comes to seeking a DJ, food and beverage caterer, lighting and decor, flower arrangements, or wedding dress boutique. We help bring all of them together to create a grand experience for the bride, groom and wedding guests. We can help you

Identify a theme: Personalize your wedding or engagement with a theme that could turn the event into a dream. We could help you identify a central theme to ensure a picture-perfect day. We promise you a complete experience.

Kosha & Flower arrangement: Our network of florists ensure you have a wide range of professional flower arrangements to entice your guest and enhance the overall feel of the event. Special Kosha arrangements will ensure the couple looks ideal and memories can be captured for years to come.

Entertainment: We offer you a complete bouquet of entertainment solutions to cater to your expected guests, local or international.

Decorations & Gifting: We deliver wedding decorations with an eye-catching appeal. The aim being to make sure your wedding is one to remember for years to come. We could also offer you a range of personalized options for you to gift the wedding attendees and act as a perfect memoir for your special day.

Besides these we can help you with the venue selection, photography and videography, invitations, amongst others.